Is Your Weight Loss Supplement Safe & Effective?

It’s human nature to desire gain without investment. Most of us, given the choice, would take the easy road before we’d jump at the chance to have to work for what we want. This simple truth has led many to take advantage of those who only want what’s best for themselves and for their families. One area we see this in is the area of dietary supplements. There are hundreds of companies that have sprung up over the years selling a dream that comes in a little pill or powder that supposedly will either cause us to lose unwanted pounds with no effort, or will accelerate whatever weight loss plan we’re on. The problem becomes even more troublesome when we realize that dietary supplement companies are not regulated like drug companies are, and are not required to even fully list the ingredients they use in their products.  As crazy as it sounds, the all natural dietary supplement you take everyday might contain harmful ingredients you don’t even know about, or at the very least contain ingredients that will never cause you to lose one pound or help you gain better health. The truth is that under the guise of “proprietary blend,” these companies can do anything with their formulations and put almost any ingredient in them and not disclose what those ingredients are, or how much of those ingredients their product contains.

Our production team, Insight Video, put together an informative video of one such company called Plexus Worldwide Inc. Plexus claims its products will help you lose weight and gain better health. This informative clip highlights some of the issues you might encounter when taking non-regulated natural weight loss and health supplements. While it’s not necessarily the case that all health supplement manufacturers are suspect, the fact remains that none of them are regulated the way drug companies are, and you’re risking your health if you don’t know fully what’s in a particular product, or what its ingredients might do to your health. Most people can get healthy and even lose weight without the need for dietary supplements. All it takes is a little knowledge and a little effort. Consider how wise it is to spend your hard earned money on products that have not been clinically tested for safety and efficacy. Do your research, and look for products that have been fully vetted by qualified authorities before taking any health or dietary supplement.