Everyone has potential for disease, but some have more of a likelihood of getting sick than others. This survey attempts to give you a quick determination of the potential of you developing health problems in the future based on your answers to fifteen questions. The survey is not definitive or scientific, and cannot predict the future. It’s designed to merely alert you to the potential for disease given your current habits and practices should you continue them. The Fettle Freak DPP is not intended to give you medical advice and is not a medical test or tool. In all cases you should check with a qualified medical professional if you have any questions or concerns related to your health and well being. Answer each question honestly for best results.

1. What is your current activity level?



2. Do you smoke, even occasionally?


3. Do you regularly take any systemic (not digestive) enzyme supplements such as Serrapeptase or Nattokinase?


4. Does a large portion of your weekly diet include processed foods from fast food and grocery stores such as pizza, burgers, tacos, and chili-dogs?


5. Do you regularly get at least 6 hours of sleep at night?


6. Do you eat sugar and/or sugary foods and snacks on a regular basis?


7. Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?


8. Do you include any fermented foods in your diet such as sauerkraut, yogurt, or kefir?


9. Do you practice long term fasting, or intermittent fasting on a regular basis during the year?


10. Do you regularly drink red wine?


11. Do you currently take any prescribed medications?


12. Do you consider yourself to be a happy person?


13. How many times per week do you eat raw, unprocessed fruits and vegetables such as greens, legumes, apples, bananas, and other live foods?


14. Do you use natural skin care products such as natural soaps and creams, or do you use commercial skin care products?


15. Do you drink hard liquor more than 3 times a week?


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