What’s My Fettle, and Why Should I Care?

It’s a good question, but a question very few people ever ask. Your “fettle” is your condition. Your fettle is you. It’s where you’re at right now in every sense. It’s your health condition, your mental condition, your spiritual condition, and your overall well-being, and should be your first concern; hence the term “Fettle Freak.” A “fettle freak” is a person who has recognized the entire scope of his or her own personal life condition and has decided to become laser focused in taking charge of it in order live well and feel better. It’s not just what you eat and drink, it’s what you absorb in totality. It’s everything you take in from food to fantasy. It’s balance. Fettle Freaks realize this and have taken stock. Maybe they’ve realized their fettle is a little tattered, or they’re not feeling as well as they used to. Maybe the new fettle freak is overweight, often tired, experiences brain fog, or poor digestive health and is not as joyful as he or she could be. They suddenly realize their doctor has them on one or two (or more) medications they didn’t need just a few years back and they see their health slipping away. What they once took for granted, namely their well-being, is now changing and is just a little harder to maintain. Maybe the newly baptized fettle freak has been sick for years, or overweight, or is just fed up with not feeling well. They now realize the human body is capable of amazing things and they don’t want to lean on the standard medical and pharmaceutical community to come to the rescue realizing that many never happen at all. They now understand they can and must change and maybe even improve their condition permanently. They realize that with a little fettle maintenance, they can radically improve their quality of life and they want to move forward and get it done. They’re now laser focused on health improvement, full of confidence, and ready to heal! If that’s you, then welcome to Fettle Freak!

The Fettle Freak Profile

A true Fettle Freak is a person who has realized that their health and well-being is their responsibility and they’ve become serious about taking matters into their own hands to achieve true health and wellness. They’ve experienced an awakening regarding their personal life condition. They know that the world is overly medicated, our food is over processed, and that prescription drugs and fad diets won’t make up for good nutrition and proper health maintenance of both mind and body. They know that even though they may have health issues now, they can overcome many if not all of them on their own by taking advantage of the amazing self healing properties of the human body. They understand that knowledge and action are the keys to good health, and they’re ready to take advantage of both. A true Fettle Freak is also a modern day rebel in the sense that he or she is no longer convinced that their doctor necessarily has their best interest at heart, or that the medical community has all the answers. While there are many good medical professionals out there who may even really and truly care about their patients, the truth is that physicians themselves no longer run medical care in the United States and other countries. In fact, the words “health care” no longer apply in society. What we have today is “disease management” and it’s all driven by big money and greed. It’s big business, and that means we lose. The true Fettle Freak is aware of this and has changed his or her perspective to realize that truth health comes at a price. We can no longer depend on others to “make” us healthy, or to even give us real information regarding our health and well-being, because the main driver in the disease management industry today isn’t altruism, it’s business. Armed with that knowledge, the Fettle Freak seeks information and truth to become educated and stay healthy.

My Goal

Fettle Freak exists to help you in achieve good health on your own and to release you from your dependency on Big Pharma and the culture of disease management most people depend on. It’s a centralized source of information for all things “fettle.” The goal here is to bring things together to help you see the big picture, and to work as a health information aggregator to give you self-empowering information for good health. You won’t get medical advice here, just good common sense information to help you improve your fettle and to help your body heal itself. The goal is to keep you off medications to the greatest extent possible, and to keep you out of the doctor’s office and far from disease management providers. It’s about being proactive on your health rather than reactionary and it’s about living life well everyday.


If you’ve made the decision to become a Fettle Freak, congratulations are in order. You’ve taken the first step toward good health and better living. You’ve decided to empower yourself and that’s always a good thing. Be sure to subscribe so you can stay up on the latest news on nutrition, health, and being well, and let’s get on with the business of improving your fettle, and your life!